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Betton Hills Information and Highlights

Betton Hills, a neighborhood that is referred to as a “canopy neighborhood”, is a small treasure of 800 homes nestled in Tallahassee, Florida. Betton Hills is a neighborhood that largely consists of people on the Betton Hills Neighborhood Association (hereafter referred to as the BHNA), a committee that is dedicated to preserving the natural charm and beauty of the Betton Hills neighborhood. Quoted as being largely professional and retirees, Betton Hills is an exceptional little gem settled under tall trees and with some of the most committed residents one could ever hope to encounter.


Betton Hills is a neighborhood that has been evolving for over fifty years from its origins. Beginning in the late 1940’s and continuing to expand northward, Betton Hills has kept quite a bit of its unique historical charm. The covenants established to maintain Betton Hills is quoted as being by one Guy Winthrop in the 1940’s and lapsed in the 1980’s. Now, the maintenance, preservation and affairs of Betton Hills is kept with the BHNA.


Betton Hills is located in the northeast area of Tallahassee in a lush, tropical area surrounded by numerous parks, lush, green areas and gorgeous homes that are lovingly cared for. It is a highly coveted neighborhood and many enjoy driving through it purely for the picturesque views.


Because it is nestled in Tallahassee, Florida, Betton Hills gets plenty of that warm Florida weather. With summers that range in the 80 to 90s in Fahrenheit, Betton Hills rarely sees a temperature drop of significance. However, due to Tallahassee being further north in Florida, they are subject to some cold swells and, though it is exceptionally rare, snow fall.


Betton Hills is conveniently located near downtown Tallahassee, and as such has access to a plethora of its charming shops. Whether it is vintage clothing, antiques, modern technology or anything in between, Betton Hills is just a convenient stone’s throw away from everything a shopping enthusiast could want


Foodies and tourists don’t have anything on Southerners when it comes to food. Betton Hills has a great range of foods, be it plentiful burgers, delicious Spanish cuisine or a blend of down-home food meets modern, urban twists. No matter what your cravings are for, Betton Hills is sure to have it in range


Betton Hills is the envy of folks looking for picturesque American living – kids playing, quiet neighborhoods, neighbors playing catch with their dogs, etc. That doesn’t mean that Betton Hills doesn’t come to life at night, mind you. With some great bars, breweries, night clubs and live music, night owls can find something to hit that 2am sweet spot


The BHNA doesn’t just tend to the neighborhood itself, but also has a voluntary donation system from its residents. This system is given back to its neighborhood schools, as well as used to keep Betton Hills beautiful. With so much love and care, there is no doubt that residents need not worry about good schools


This lush little city does not slouch when it comes to landmarks. In fact, the BHNA works around the clock to make sure that the landmark that is Betton Hill is well preserved, well cared for and a true delight for anyone who is either looking for residents or passing through

  • Florida State Capitol – Apalachee Parkway & Monroe Street

  • Declaration Statue – Gaines Street at Railroad Avenue – (850) 644-0139

  • Winthrop Park – 1601 Mitchell Avenue – (850) 891-3980

  • McCord Park – 1800 Thomasville Road


You don’t often find such commitment to a city from its own residents. Betton Hill is a personable and charming little gem nestled in Tallahassee, Florida, and one that the BHNA works hard to preserve. It is not hard to see why its picturesque settings would be the envy of the Hollywood movie director. Not only is Betton Hills a coveted area to live in, but people often drive through it to enjoy the lush trees, the many parks and the care that has been put into it. With local shopping that reflects the charm of Betton Hills, a consistent nightlife, some fantastic restaurants, it is not hard to see why so many want to move into this city of eight hundred and be a part of the Betton Hills lifestyle. It is clear that, whether you are a working professional, a retiree or just someone who wants a slice of that ideal American pie, Betton Hills is on a must-visit list. If you haven’t driven through it, enjoyed one of the many parks, seen the views or even seen the Florida State Capitol yet, then I recommend getting a move on. 

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