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Bobbin Brook / Bobbin Trace Information and Highlights

Bobbin Brook is a small area in the northern part of Tallahassee, Florida that offers its own beauty for visitors who want to enjoy a holiday in a true gem of a city. The east of Bobbin Brook contains the beautiful Lake Hall, and it really does highlight the surrounding beauty of the area. For those who are either looking for a remote and quiet place to settle down or to visit, Bobbin Brook is a must see.


Talking about the history of Bobbin Brook is a bit difficult, as there are not many resources on the subject and Bobbin Brook itself is a rather small area. What is known is that the surrounding areas are filled with gorgeous trees and lush green flora in general, and Bobbin Brook itself is a quaint, quiet neighborhood that is engulfed by the scenery of northern Tallahassee.


The location of Bobbin Brook itself is in the northern part of Tallahassee and the western side of Lake Hall. A trip to downtown Tallahassee would take only fifteen minutes, and the area itself is noted for its plentiful trees and garden like beauty. Bobbin Brook is a small area, and somewhat remote, but keeps all the convenience of a suburban dream spot for those who love serenity and peace combined with the big city being only a stone’s throw away. Truly ideal for those looking for the whole package.


If we talk about the weather in Bobbin Brook, then we can refer to the weather in Tallahassee as an excellent point of reference. The weather in Bobbin Brook has a humid subtropical climate with a long summer, spring, autumn, and mild winter. Bobbin Brook and the surrounding areas can reach up to 37.8 degrees Celsius. The hottest point ever reached occurred in 2011 at up to 41 degrees Celsius.


People who live in Bobbin Brook have the convenience of downtown Tallahassee when they want to shop. Residents can find a quick trip to the local Tallahassee shopping centers done in ease, while visitors can really get their tourist on. Tallahassee is well-known not only for fantastic shopping, but for the range of products it has available and the great deals that are just waiting to be discovered


Of course, all of that shopping is sure to make anyone hungry. Fortunately, due to its proximity to Tallahassee, Bobbin Brook has a fantastic range of culinary delights to suit anyone’s palette. Tallahassee features a great mix of downhome cooking and exotic dishes from around the world. Seafood to Shanghai – Bobbin Brook is just a quick trip away from everything a rumbling stomach could ever want


If you want to truly enjoy the nightlife in Bobbin Brook, then you have the luxury of a quick trip to Tallahassee and its surrounding areas. Not only are there a plethora of bars to pick up some choice brews, but there are also plenty of night clubs that are open all the way until the dawn – night owls are not excluded in Bobbin Brook!


The schools around the Bobbin Brook area are undeniably popular, and many are favored by religious families. Like most schools in the Leon County and northern Tallahassee area, a good portion of the schools, be it: preschool, kindergarten, elementary, middle, high school or universities, are all highly rated. For prospective residents, there is no need to worry about the education options around Bobbin Brook


Being in close proximity to Tallahassee, Florida’s capital, means that there are quite a few sights to see. Even beyond the usual tourist spots, Bobbin Brook is in the perfect spot for those, both residents and visitors alike, to go out and soak up the history of Tallahassee and its surrounding areas. Whether you are fortunate enough to call Bobbin Brook your home or are passing through, there is more than enough to do in the nearby hub of downtown Tallahassee, and the venture is sure to be an excellent one


Despite its small size, Bobbin Brook really is a treat for both residents and visitors alike. Thanks to its convenient location, Bobbin Brook offers both the quiet, suburban dream in lush green gardens and flora as well as a quick trip down into the grand city of Tallahassee itself. One can certainly say that Bobbin Brook is a hidden gem of sorts, but that only makes a visit to it, or even a house hunt in its general vicinity all the better. It’s not often one can find a place that is quiet and remote but also less than thirty minutes away from all the conveniences of a big city. Whether you are a visitor or a lucky resident of Bobbin Brook, it is the perfect blend of peace, quiet, convenience and possibilities. Definitely stop in if you weren’t planning on it already.

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