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Golden Eagle Plantation Information and Highlights

Tallahassee's bright future as Florida's most successful star and prime seat of power truly began under the prosperous shine of kismet. The region's first strike, in the annals of time, was an anecdotal story that foretold of the area's lucky days to come.

In 1538 under the expedition of Hernando de Soto the region serendipitously became the first encampment/town in the continental United States to celebrate Christmas.

Since that period, Tallahassee has been passed over from hand to hand. First, the Native America's transferring over a peace pipe to Conquistador in exchange for dubious blankets. Then the Spaniards sold off the region to the United States, in the first quarter of the 19th century. A move that would devolve into the first of many Seminole Wars. Finally, the garrison of General Andrew Jackson's men handed over the torch when Tallahassee was chosen to become the state’s Capital. A political move primarily due to its location. The second legislative session up by Washington in search of a central point of governance that wasn't Saint Agustin.

Since that period, and up until the Civil War, Tallahassee, became the State's most powerful city, both politically as well as financially. It wielded the gubernatorial gabel while at the same time being the region's main epicenter for cotton production and the slave trade.


Golden Eagle is located in a forested area brimming with an abundance of different pine species as well as other foliage customary of the Cotton Belt region; longleaf pine, shortleaf pine, loblolly pine, laurel oak, Southern live oak, chalk maple, Southern magnolia, and sweetgum. Wildlife in the area includes the endangered red-cockaded woodpecker, wood stork, osprey, northern bobwhite, and gopher tortoises.

Golden Eagle finds purchase in an ideal spot for the area's favorite past time... Golfing. Hidden behind the forest and surrounded by manmade ponds, the region, practically shouted out to its many developers where to locate the green and sand traps.

It is a landlocked neighborhood, with easy access to many intersections, byways, and highways. It fosters a country-like atmosphere and elegance.

Its closest city and center of commerce, less than a mile or so, is Bradfordville. To the north, the Florida/Georgia line; to the South Tallahassee and, further on, in a straight arrow, less than 100 miles, paradise... The Gulf Coast ;whitecaps and sun bleached pearl sand. Mai-tai bearing beaches.


Golden Eagle experience, unlike other places in the Sunshine State, all four seasons. Long summers, with record-setting highs; short winters, with the occasional freak storms; as well as dry springs and autumns. The leaves will drop and turn ashen come Fall. Bare in mind, that the privilege of being relatively close to the oasis that is The Gulf Coast, also brings about spontaneous thunderstorms.


Tallahassee's many suburbs, in particularly Golden Eagle, have amassed a series of conveniently placed big-box stores and supermarket brands. Once you vacate the tranquility of living in a secluded society and the comforts of a clubhouse, you'll discover a nirvana of shopping options.


Thomasville Road is the place to be in order to sedate your lust for food. If you have a hankering, no matter the exotic nature of it, let alone the latitude and longitude it originate from, all you'll truly have to do is guide your car south on this vein until you discover what will quench your hunger. Mexican, Japanese, Thai, Chinese, BBQ, Argentinian, Mongolian, Korean, Russian, French, Tallahassee has it all.


Golden Eagle is a normally quiet suburb, residential and perfect spots to wallow away the nights hearing the music of cicadas and marveling at the light show of fireflies. For a more cosmopolitan experience, to have some fun with your weekend warrior, downtown Tallahassee will always be your desired target. Like any capital, brimming with high powered over stressed lobbyist and clerks, Tallahassee knows how to play hard and shrug of the day's tensions.


Golden Eagle school district is a branch of the fine educational machine that is Tallahassee. It shares most of its middle schools with the fine community of Killearn Lakes. Meanwhile, Florida State University has its main campus on the doorsteps of this community.


Tallahassee does not lack interesting points department. It has managed to amass so many, that it has vastly become the region's go-to place for tourist wanting to truly get a taste of Florida that isn't theme parks and Spring Break friendly beaches. This is one of Florida's oldest cities. Museums, reflecting pools, ponds, hiking trails, clubs and even the Batman's batmobile from the 90s Tim Burton flick, call the place their home.


Golden Eagle is a golfer’s paradise. A spot, almost preordained, to capture its residents to channel their inner Tiger Woods. It's posh, elegant and swelling with a gentlemen or old southern belle's perfume. A slip back into a decade of charm, twangs, and sweeping panoramas plucked straight from plantations and "Gone With The Wind."

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