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Killearn Acres Information and Highlights

Florida has the national distinction of having one of the only state Capitals that continually shies away from the limelight. The state's more ardent and flamboyant cities fighting tooth and nail for the media spotlight. Miami, Orlando, Tampa and Palm Beach on a constant marathon, vying for the gold ring that will inevitably stroke their ego. Tallahassee, the southern gentleman; dusting off his cotton Polo shirt, lighting up an America cigar and marveling at his children's horsing around.

The Tallahassee area was first settled by Spanish conquistadores. Their desire to bring the word of God to the native people of the state, and stop their pagan ways, incentives enough to erect 5 missions in the area.

Tallahassee's them had the acclaim, in 1538 under the expedition of Hernando de Soto, of being the first encampment/town in the continental United States to celebrate Christmas.

For almost 3 hundred years, Florida maintained its frontier demeanor; a southern wild west teaming with lizards, reptiles, and urban legends... Ponce de Leon and his crew scouring the land in search of the "Fountain Of youth."

Finally, in an expansionist coup, the 13 Colonies, the recent United States, bought the land from the Spaniards and started employing a quick regiment of soldiers to fight off the natives. During years, Tallahassee became the center of General Andrew Jackson's many skirmishes in the first Seminole War.

Tallahassee became the capital of the State after the end of that bloody squabble, when it was chosen, due to its location, by the second legislative session as the area's seat of power.

Since that period, and up until the Civil War, Tallahassee became the State's most powerful city, both politically as well as financially. It wielded the gubernatorial gabel while at the same time being the region's main epicenter for cotton production and the slave trade.


Tallahassee is located on the northern most point of Florida, on the head of what was once called "the Cotton Belt". There is an old saying in Florida, "the further north you go, the southerner it gets."

Tallahassee, as such, has more in common with its neighboring towns and states, than with the normal visage the tourists have of Florida. It is a landlocked city, surrounded by mature trees, oaks, hardwoods and antebellum landscaping.

Killearn Acres is a wonderfully family friendly, wholesome atmosphere, suburb of excellent middle schools, walkable neighborhoods, communal activities, amazing outdoor recreations, churches, restaurants, and retail. Brimming with moderately priced homes and a step away from the Florida seat of power.


Unlike most other towns in the Florida peninsula, Tallahassee experiences all four seasons. Long summers and short, mild winters, as well as drier springs and autumns. Summers, in particularly, are grueling, being one of the only few cities in the state whose record temperature occasionally surpasses the 100-degree Fahrenheit mark.


Tallahassee's many suburbs, in particularly Killearn, have amassed a series of conveniently placed big-box stores and supermarket brands. It fills all the necessities required for a family home. Near it southern point, Killearn has managed to secure a pristine shopping center. For your other whims and desires, Tallahassee and its miasmic tableau of mercantile pavilions will back up all your needs.


Thomasville Road is the place to be in order to quiet down your belly's shrieks.

Here you'll find all the nation's best store chains as well as some succulent local fare. Bbq and rib joints, and Steakhouses, are a must whenever you're visiting the area. For all other cuisines and exotic blends, Tallahassee has you squared. When visiting downtown, local tip, go to Shula's Grill and take the Ex-Miami Dolphin coach's challenge.


Tallahassee suburbs are normally quiet, residential and perfect spots to get a dose of the Sandman's best. Events and picnics, communally organized, happen every so often. For the full throttle overload, downtown Tallahassee is your best bet. After hours madness reigns supreme in a town whose very stressful lifestyle requires good outlets to blow off steam.


Killearn Acre's school district is a branch of the fine educational machine that is Tallahassee. The Sunshine State's capital consistently scoring at or above the average for districts statewide in total ACT and SAT scores. Florida State University has its main campus of the doorsteps of this community.


Tallahassee has a hurricane churned sea of waves as far as points of interests are concerned. This is one of Florida's oldest cities. A place that has constantly been in the middle of power struggles and presidential races. Museums, reflecting pools, ponds, hiking trails, clubs and even Batman's batmobile from the 90’s Tim Burton flick, call the place their home.



Killearn Acres is the perfect place to lay down roots. Have the neighbors over for some R&R, spend the weekend on the green with your clubs and golf balls, and give your kids the wonderful experience of a magical childhood, all the while knowing that outside its gates a world of excitement awaits.

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