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Ox Bottom Manor Information and Highlights

Ox Bottom Manor is a community in Leon County, nine miles north of Tallahassee and set in a truly beautiful setting. Like Betton Hills and Weems Plantation, Ox Bottom Manor is run by and handles special projects via the Ox Bottom Manor Community Association, which is made up of volunteering residents. It is a small community that keeps a tight hold on a charming, picturesque area filled with nice homes, parks filled with events and children laughing and neighbors chatting amicably.


Though there isn’t much in the way of recorded history for Ox Bottom Manor, it is a community that has been continuously growing for many years. Thanks to the Ox Bottom Manor Community Association, Ox Bottom Manor has been kept preserved, well-groomed and is certain to continue growing.


Ox Bottom Manor is settled an estimated nine miles north of Florida’s capital, Tallahassee, in the lush hills of Leon County, along with areas such as Betton Hills and Weems Plantation. It is in close proximity to the Maclay Gardens Botanical Park and Lake Jackson. It is conveniently located close to Tallahassee shopping, restaurants, some bouncing night clubs and bars and landmarks that are more than worth visiting


Because it is nestled in Tallahassee, Florida, Weems Plantation gets plenty of that famous warm Florida weather. The summers and spring range from high 70s to low 90s, on standard, with the summers tending to be much more intense. However, due to Tallahassee being further north in Florida, they are subject to some cold swells and, though it is exceptionally rare, snow fall. Weems Plantation visitors and guests can expect a fairly stable temperature range throughout the year, sometimes with increased humidity, especially in the summer months. In short, be sure to have a pair of shorts!


Ox Bottom Manor is a cozy community, but it is in close proximity to Florida’s capital city, Tallahassee. Through the green, rolling hills of Ox Bottom Manor is a close trip that can satisfy anyone’s shopping cravings, no matter what they are looking for.


Ox Bottom Manor is close by to plenty of good eating: Cajun, Italian, Japanese – you name it! Its convenient location near Tallahassee, Florida means that any kind of tasty snack or late-night craving is less than ten miles away. One can enjoy the quiet of Ox Bottom Manor itself while getting a night out on the town and some truly great grub just a short trip away


Ox Bottom Manor is a quiet community, and ideal for those looking for the relaxing life. Still, there are some among us that come to life at night and usually go out seeking a little adventure after hours. Fortunately, instead of mischief-making, there are plenty of bars, lounges and night clubs in close proximity to Ox Bottom Manor


Ox Bottom Manor is proud of its schools, and says so on the community website. Leon County as a whole is known for having some truly excellent schools, so they can hardly be blamed for their well-placed pride. Residents need not worry about quality or a range of options, be it: kindergarten, pre-school, elementary, middle, high school or proper universities

  • Killarn Lakes Preschool – 8051 Deer Lake East – (850) 893-0134

  • Answorth Academy – 2919 Kerry Forest Parkway – (850) 668-9072

  • Leon High School – 550 East Tennessee Street – (850) 617-5700

  • Maclay School – 3737 North Meridian Road – (850) 893-2138


What’s the nicest thing about Ox Bottom Manor? Well, everything, but there is also the added cherry on top of being in close range of some truly memorable landmarks and history. Tallahassee is a city full of history, with the museums, historical buildings and general atmosphere to prove it – as well as being the Florida State capital. Residents or visitors of Ox Bottom Manor always have an opportunity to take a short trip to Tallahassee and see some truly amazing sights at their leisure, and if you haven’t already, you definitely should

  • Florida State Capitol – Apalachee Parkway & Monroe Street

  • Declaration Statue – Gaines Street at Railroad Avenue – (850) 644-0139

  • Mission San Luis – 2100 West Tennessee Street – (850) 245-6406

  • Amtrak Station – 918 ½ Railroad Avenue


In short, Ox Bottom Manor is another gem in Leon County and the Tallhassee, Florida area. Like Betton Hills or Weems Plantation, it is a community that is cared for by its residents and every viewpoint of it, either by residents, potential homeowners or visitors just passing through shows it immensely. With its convenient location to great shopping, fantastic food, a great nightlife scene and some schools that are the pride of the community, it is not hard to see why this place is so beloved. For those looking for a slice of American pie in warm, lush weather and with some truly dedicated neighbors, Ox Bottom Manor is definitely worth putting on the wish list. It is truly a charming community with caring volunteers taking part in the Ox Bottom Manor Community Association, and that level of dedication and pride is contagious, whether you are a resident or visitor. For those taking a blissful stroll or a Sunday drive through Ox Bottom Manor, it isn’t hard to see the appeal, and the convenience of its location makes it all the more appealing. With that in mind, and whether you are visitor or potential resident, Ox Bottom Manor is definitely worth a look.

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