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Summerbrooke Information and Highlights

Florida's Capital suffers from a whirlpool of hip and startling vistas. It is a mixture of new and old. Quaint country estates, mixed-match in the antebellum period, with the modern comforts of big city life.

Summerbrook, one of Tallahassee's satellite communities is rich with all sorts of opportunities and possibilities. A spicy concoction of natural living, with the added benefit of elegance, amenities and luxury.

Tallahassee's bright future as Florida's most successful star and prime seat of power truly began under the prosperous shine of kismet. The region's first strike, in the annals of time, was an anecdotal story that foretold of the area's lucky days to come.

In 1538 under the expedition of Hernando de Soto the region serendipitously became the first encampment/town in the continental United States to celebrate Christmas.

Since that period, Tallahassee has been passed over from hand to hand. First, the Native America's transferring over a peace pipe to Conquistador in exchange for dubious blankets. Then the Spaniards sold off the region to the United States, in the first quarter of the 19th century. A move that would devolve into the first of many Seminole Wars. Finally, the garrison of General Andrew Jackson's men handed over the torch when Tallahassee was chosen to become the state’s Capital. A political move primarily due to its location. The second legislative session up by Washington in search of a central point of governance that wasn't Saint Agustin.

Since that period, and up until the Civil War, Tallahassee, became the State's most powerful city, both politically as well as financially. It wielded the gubernatorial gabel while at the same time being the region's main epicenter for cotton production and the slave trade.


Summerbrook is located just outside of Tallahassee proper. A collection of cul-de-sacs, groves and expertly maintained edifices. Homes that have found a magical spot within the beauty of nature. Serene ponds, estuaries, and lagoons. Manmade sculptures dedicated to tranquil panoramas and wonderful vistas. Forested areas overflowing with an affluence of different pine species and local foliage ; longleaf pine, shortleaf pine, loblolly pine, laurel oak, Southern live oak, chalk maple, Southern magnolia, and sweetgum. Wildlife in the area includes the endangered red-cockaded woodpecker, wood stork, osprey, northern bobwhite, and gopher tortoises.

Summerbrook has managed to bottle the sensation of a 19th-century plantation; instead of horses and cowboys, it has supplanted its transportation needs with golf carts and chauffeurs.

Just off Preservation Road, you'll discover this neighborhood most priced gem... Its Golf course.

It is a landlocked neighborhood, with easy access to many intersections, byways, and highways. It fosters a country-like atmosphere and elegance.


Summerbrook plays around with all four seasons. Hot humid summers, with highs that reach the 100ºF; quick flashy winters, with the occasional snowfall. Dry springs and autumns. Passing storms and quick rainfall breezing in from the ocean 100 miles away. The leaves will drop, turn ashen and halloween orange come Fall.


Tallahassee's many suburbs, in particularly Summerbrook, have managed to assemble a series of big box stores, around their epicenter. Shopping free-for-alls perfectly placed around just to satisfy their citizen's many wants and desires. If you're in the mood for brands or specific items, Downtown Tallahassee, just a skip away, has collected a series of malls and pavilions gushing with every label imaginable.


Thomasville Road is your bullseye is your searching for something different than Club Sandwiches and the same stock on the menu easily found at every Golf Club. An artery that will indubitably manage to land you on your whim of that second; no matter the exotic nature of it, let alone the latitude and longitude it originates from, Thomasville Road is your path to culinary accomplishment.


Summerbrook is a quiet suburb and residential neighborhood. The ideal spot to wallow away the afternoons and dream of happy nights and peaceful rests. A perfect spot to catch the music of cicadas and marvel at the light show of fireflies. For the rest, for that period where your restless nature is rattling the cage of your consciousness, or you simply want a shot of adrenaline, Tallahassee will be your local enabler.


Summerbrook school district is almost nonexistent. It is a small community, its high schools and middle schools have found root just outside its gilded gates. Branches of the fine educational machine that is Tallahassee. Meanwhile, for all your higher learning needs, Florida State University has its main campus on the doorsteps of this community.


Tallahassee is a smorgasbord of landmarks and iconic places. Rapidly becoming the region's go-to place for travelers in search of culture and eye-popping experiences. It skews away from the normal riff-raff and knick-knacks Florida is known for (theme parks and beaches) and it gifts it curious visitor’s neurons with stimulating catnip. Museums, reflecting pools, ponds, hiking trails, clubs and even the Batman's batmobile from the 90s Tim Burton flick, call the place their home.

Meanwhile, Summerbrook is just a few blocks away from one of Tallahassee’s biggest and most visited parks, The Alfred B. Maclay Garden State Park.


Summerbrook is a retirement/stress-free paradise. A spot, perfectly designed to wash way the worries and tumult of the day and retreat to a well-placed porch and sip some Tennessee gold; letting the tension of the week, of the day, or the hour, slip coldly down your backside into oblivion.

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